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Best Pillow for Sleeping? Interview with a Malouf Pillow Expert!!

Everyone has their own best pillow for sleeping. Different pillows have a distinct look and feel – finding the right one is challenging. Moreover, using the wrong pillow will result in back and neck pain and will deprive you of the quality rest that you need. So, here’s a guide to which pillow will give the best sleep for every type of sleeper.

Best pillow for Sleeping for every type of Sleeper

We visited Malouf’s resident pillow expert, Kelvin, in search of the best pillow for sleeping. And he was gracious enough to discuss the key features of their top pillows:

Zoned ActiveDough® + Lavender Pillow

  • Priced at $160.
  • Feels doughy, like bread dough
  • Made with ActiveDough™ memory foam infused with real natural lavender oil, which enhances relaxation. This pillow comes with a spritzer to help you refresh the scent. They also have other real essential oils available, like chamomile and peppermint.
  • Features zones of larger and smaller holes to offer the right amount of support for your head and neck, which is similar to the concept of a contour pillow

Gelled Microfiber® Pillow

  • Priced at $70
  • Filled with small, siliconized microfibers
  • Has a luxurious feel of a down pillow without the uncomfortable quills or harmful allergens
  • Soft to the touch and is the best-selling traditional pillow all
  • Mimics the feel of down, but it is a down alternative
  • Can be machine-washed. To avoid dust mites, bedbugs, sweat, and blood stains on your pillow, we recommend you also purchase a waterproof pillow protector.
Gelled Microfiber® Pillow


  • Best for those who sleep hot and are always looking for the cool side of a pillow. It is a great summer pillow.
  • Made with a proprietary application of the most advanced pillow-cooling technology available, the Omniphase technology
  • Absorbs and dissipates body heat to maintain the optimum comfort climate all night long
  • Highly rated updated version
Z CARBONCOOL Plus OMNIPHASE Memory Foam Pillow is the best pillow for sleeping for those who sleep hot

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