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Bissell Crosswave vs Tineco Vacmop (Which is Best??)

Are you looking for an all-in-one vacuum mop that is cordless and lightweight?

The Bissell Crosswave Pro and Tineco Floor One S3 are two of the best Vacuum Mops on the market today at about the same price point. You can’t go wrong with either of them, and they are easy to use; both will make cleaning your floors more effortless than ever before! CORRECTION. After testing these, we tried the newer model, Tineco S5, which has bigger water tanks and better edge cleaning. We found it superior both in cleaning ability and ease of use.

With being similar in many ways, which one do you pick? We have researched you in this blog and will go over both and share our findings.

What Do these Vacmops Have in common?

You cannot go wrong; they both are amazing, and they are gamer changers. See for yourself in terms of visuals.  

  • Tineco
  • Bissell 

The features of both of these products are relatively comparable. Still, we’ll put them side by side to see how they compare—comparing the overall appearance of the vac mop, power and battery life, edge suction, water capacity weight, price durability, impression, and warranty. We’ll finish with bonus points that are unique to each device. 

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Since this is a relatively new firm, let’s begin with the companies themselves, particularly Tineco.

  • Unless you’re paying attention to what’s new, you may not have heard of Tineco. It has a highly-reviewed range of goods that demonstrates Tineco’s promise in the future. They continue to come out with new innovative products.
  • The Bissell brand has been around for around 140 years. Bissell is a well-trusted company that KNOWS how to make vacuums and has been doing it for a long, LONG time.   
Bissell Crosswave vacuum mop head

The Design and features

You can see from above that they come in very similar shapes and colors. Tineco has added some LED which is cool, but maybe for some truthfully, I think it is just more complicated than it needs

They are both very clean-looking. 

  • Tineco has white with black and silver accents. It’s modern and clean looking and will look amazing cleaning any kitchen.    
  • Bissell crosswave is primarily black and white with a pretty teal-green accent.  

Overall the Tineco is slicker than the Bissell and has a larger water tank. We’ll discuss it in more detail later in this article. 


As you can see, they’re similar in power. Neither has a replaceable battery.

  • Tineco  4000mAh gives you 25 minutes of life per charge
  • The Bissell has a 36 V lithium-ion battery that gives you 30 minutes of life per charge.    

Charging Time

Because if you have a large tile area and it makes cleaning my floors so easy, you may not run out of battery. Both have a charging station and take approximately 4 hours to charge fully. Both manufacturers recommend racking up the vac mop right on the docking station in between uses so that it is always ready for use with a full charge.   

Bissell vacuum mop spaghetti mess


The Tineco is lighter than the Bissell, mainly due to the tank capacity (6.5 lbs vs. 11.5 lbs). Both the Tineco and Bissell machines are quiet when used, and there is much difference between the two.

Warranty  Matters

Tineco comes with a two-year limited warranty for manufacturing defects. Bissell offers a 60-day money-back guarantee and a three-year limited guarantee. It is hard to tell you the long-term durability, however, to date, we have not found any issues to date.  For all you animal lovers out there, the Bissell pet foundation donates to help save pets with every purchase of this model.

Water, utilization, and capacity   

Both put down a thin film of clean water onto the floor and, at the same time, suction up any dirt or things on the hard floor. It dries so fast, so you don’t have to have everyone stay off the floor after you mop like traditional mops.

Unlike Bissell, the Tineco has auto-control water control and suction, with push-button control leaving you with manual intervention. You can control when you do and don’t want water to be dispensed. That said, you do still get some moisture on the floor if the mop head is wet,

  • Tineco holds 20 ounces of clean water, and the dirty container holds roughly 17 ounces.    
  • The Bissell Clean water tank has 28 ounces capacity, and the dirty water container holds 18 ounces. 
Bissell Cordless Crosswave picking up cereal

Self Cleaning

The function of self-cleaning is also available on the docking station. You can utilize this feature during the day to keep your brushes clean between uses. There is additional cleaning needed – dump the dirty water tank and keep it clean. Also, remove any stuck debris or hair around the brush roller.

Hands-on experience


The Tineco vacuum’s On/Off switch and Spot Mode buttons are on the handle for one-handed operation. A 3-in-1 cleaning tool is included with the Tineco vacuum, as well as a self-cleaning mode.

The Crosswave takes cleaning to a new level, with its rapid-cyclonic technology that lifts and removes debris on contact. It also has an automatic shut-off feature and a self-cleaning function that cleans out all filth inside the vacuum cleaner. It has 3-in-1 docking.


The Tineco features two separate water tanks: one for dirty water, which is sucked off the floor, and one for clean water, which is utilized for mopping. It ensures that the dirty water is kept from the clean, so you can always vacuum your flooring with clean water. Lastly, the Tineco iFloor vacuum has a Spot Mode that lets you clean up more challenging spills on your floors.

The Bissell CrossWave has a larger twin tank design, too. When the dirty water tank is full, the vacuum will automatically shut off the motor and give you a signal to empty the container. The CrossWave has two spray settings and a trigger to control the cleaning solution within the vacuum.

Tineco vacuum mop and cat in bathroom

Can you Just Vacuum?

A spinning brush roll in the Tineco vacuum cleaner lifts dirt so that the powerful suction may easily remove dirt floors. Because this vacuum lacks a HEPA filter, it may not be appropriate for allergy sufferers. You can vacuum area rugs but not a large area, but it’s not ideal because it also puts down water.

If you’re searching for a vacuum with a HEPA filter, the Bissell CrossWave is an excellent option. You’ll also like that the Bissell CrossWave has a strong suction motor that can easily remove debris. It also has an integrated twin-action brush roll that spins at 3,500 RPM and a nylon brush perfect for carpets.

You can set the Bissell to vacuum only, which will be good for low piles or area rugs. It’s not to be used for wall-to-wall carpeting (not as a regular vacuum).

Drying Time

Tineco says that you can use it dry (without the mopping feature); turn it on and off as you need. It also automatically distributes clean water and does a decent job of getting up dirt.

Bissell- The Bissell leaves your floors even with clean water. Neither of them is designed to get your floor dry, but the Bissell will get it dry slightly faster.

Smart Features

Here’s where Tineco shines brighter. Tineco is a more modern, sleeker model with a smart feature that automatically controls the amount of water it puts on the floor based on the mess. You can manually select max mode to add more clean water and solution to the area. It has a nice display that is blue if it’s clean and red if it still needs attention. There’s also an app that tracks cleaning time and reminds you of maintenance.

In addition, voice command (which can be turned off) tells you when the water tanks need to be refilled or emptied. It also tells you when you need to run the self-cleaning cycle. This is very useful. It also has an app. We didn’t use it, but the smart features really make a difference. Without them, you may not notice that you’re out of water and cleaning solution. Or you may wonder why the vacmop isn’t cleaning as well and later discover the dirty water tank was full.


Again, both are fantastic. Bissell Crosswave cordless max is ideal for bigger messes because it has a larger capacity. The more oversized water compartment allows for more cleaning time and less refilling. It has a lot of different cleaning solutions to choose from, including brush rollers. So you can get brushes with more scrubbing power, for example.

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