Janet and Diana explaining how a LooLoo automatic toilet spray works

How to Make your Bathroom Smell Better with Automatic Toilet Spray!

If you have stinky logs in the toilet, you will love the LooLoo automatic toilet spray. It is a touchless toilet spray that eliminates odors by spraying essential oils on the toilet bowl’s water surface. The device will help avoid embarrassing social situations at home or work. It’s sort of like Poo-Pouri, but you don’t have to remember to spray it first. Sometimes you don’t have time or miss the opportunity, and it stinks. LooLoo sprays the water automatically.

Best of all you don’t have to touch anything (we got you, germaphobes!).

Poop shaming is a very common form of social bullying that I think everyone has experienced. That’s when you poop, and everyone makes a big deal about the smell. It’s especially awful at work. And if there’s no one regularly cleaning, it can be awful. To end the constant squabble about who stunk up the bathroom, we requested a LooLoo from the company, and they provided one for this review.

Please note that since we did this review, the product has been updated with a new look and packaging.

LooLoo Automatic Toilet Spray Review

Diana talks about being shamed for stinking up the bathroom at work. She wishes they had something like this. We tested Citrus Fresh.

  • Built-in night light 
  • 3+ Month fragrance refill & batteries included

Comes in the following fresh scents (updated after the video came out).

  • Peppermint Vanilla
  • Citrus Fresh
  • Lavender Fields
  • Coconut Lime

Loo Loo is an automatic toilet sprayer that sprays before sitting down to give the bathroom a light citrus scent. Plus, it works! It seals everything under the water so no unpleasant odors can rise out of it and take someone out.

LooLoo automatic toilet spray


We love toilet sprays, but this takes it to a new level because it’s automatic and motion-activated. Plus, you get 2 for one because the LooLoo is also an automatic bathroom night light – the toilet water lights up so you can see and aim better (for the guys). You will avoid stubbing your toe or feeling your way around when you get up to go in the middle of the night.

And it has 9 colors too. Kids will love the glowing toilet, and it will save you more messes to clean up.

The box has two cartridges, and each cartridge is good for around 200 sprays. And its spray is like a fine mist. It’s perfect that it’s not overkill because we don’t like things that smell artificial. They have essential oils in them, and it smells nice.

Plus, it says it fits 99% of toilets. Still, some toilets have different measurements, so the box also includes spacers to help fill the gap between the toilet and the rim.

Ingredients in Fragrances

LooLoo fragrances are made with natural essential oils, no aerosols, synthetic fragrances, parabens, harsh chemicals, phthalates, formaldehyde, or propellants.

Cost of a Looloo Automatic Toilet Spray

At the time of the review, you can purchase a LooLoo Automatic Toilet Spray at $39.99.

LooLoo is a toilet perfume or poo poo spray that you’ll never want to live without! It works better than anything else we’ve seen. You don’t have to remember to spray it before you go. It does the job automatically. The toilet light is automatic too!

You may also want to check out our other video on how to make your bathroom smell amazing.

If you have had a circumstance where you’ve been poop shamed, and you’re not too embarrassed to tell us, feel free to share your stories in the comment section.

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