Janet and Diana shows how to clean palastic toys with a steam cleaner

How to Clean Plastic Toys with a Steam Cleaner

Toys are our kids’ prized possessions but can be breeding grounds for germs too. And it is essential to always clean plastic toys without using any chemicals to get rid of dirt, grime, and germs. So please keep reading for all tips on cleaning plastic toys with a steam cleaner!

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dirty plastic toy

How to clean plastic toys with a steam cleaner

There are other methods to clean plastic toys, but we prefer steam cleaning. The steam gets hot enough to disinfect the toy without harsh chemicals or bleach. You can use any steam cleaner you have, and even a handheld one will work fine.

Step 1: Remove batteries before you clean the toy

If your toy has electronic parts, be sure you don’t get water or steam into the parts that light up or talk – it can ruin them. And more importantly, don’t spray the steam onto your hands or with children around, as it can burn.

Step 2: Use different attachments for different areas

Use the Lance attachment to focus the stream of spray into small concentrated areas. For cleaning up larger areas, use the scrub brush.

after image of how to clean plastic toys with a steam cleaner
Step 3: Wipe the plastic toy with Magic Eraser to get rid of skid marks

And, if you are meticulous, you could also use a permanent marker to color skid marks.

Step 4: Use a microfiber cloth to remove excess steam or water or clean electronic parts

Water will damage electronics, so in areas like these, take a cloth with a disinfectant cleaner and wipe around these electronic parts.

One thing I love about the steam cleaner is its blasting dirt and grime out of crevices that are hard to clean.

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