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10+ Uses for Household Degreaser | Zep Put to the Test

I just discovered a household degreaser that everyone needs to have on hand! From grease on walls to microwaves and even blinds, you’ll keep finding new things you need it for. Watch our oven test to see how Zep compares to another famous brand and what takes off the most grease. See how to clean with a degreaser.

Before, I always used all-purpose cleaners that did an okay job. But most of the time, I just did everything I could to prevent grease.

When I broke our microwave handle and got a new microwave, I discovered hidden grease underneath that needed a major cleaning. This is a job for a degreaser, for sure! But a degreaser has many more uses than cleaning up your kitchen grease.

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10+ Uses for Household Degreaser

With a sponge, microfiber cloth, and/or paper towels in one hand and a degreaser in the other, there are a few challenging cleaning tasks you cannot conquer. Here are 10+ uses for degreasers to use around your home.

1. Kitchen

This includes appliances like the side of your fridge or stove where grease seems to hide and build up, stainless steel, counters, cupboards, microwave, and hood.

cleaning blinds using a household degreaser

2. Bathroom

Wipe away grease from your counters, cabinets, floors, etc. It can take off coats of hair spray and makeup from your bathroom floor in one application!

3. Grill exteriors

We all know how greasy grills can get! Just spray it on and let it sit for a while. Then spray on a little more to moisten it up again and wipe your grill clean.

4. Blinds

Do you ever get dusty, grimy blinds that are tough to clean with a regular cleaner? Or even windows that get that way – these are a job for a degreaser!

5. Upholstery/Fabric

Remember that a degreaser is not advisable to use on leather, silk or suede.

6. Greasy Tools and Auto Parts

using household degreaser on tools and autoparts

Dilute with water before application.

7. Vinyl Wallpaper

Get rid of grease marks that migrate down the wall.

8. Children’s Toys

It can also clean children’s toys as long as they are made of plastic or vinyl.

9. Bottom of Greasy Pots and Pans

Degreasers do wonders on those grimy build-ups on your pots and pans that won’t come off no matter what you do.

10. Bike Chains

We all know how greasy they get!

11. Laundry Room

A household degreaser comes in handy in cleaning your washer, dryer, and vinyl flooring.

Zep Cleaner & Degreaser

using zep household degreaser in cleaning the microwave oven

For generations, Zep was known as a commercial degreaser, but now they’re known as a household degreaser too. The brand has been around since 1927 – so over 80 years now.

This product works particularly well on tough grease and grime in your kitchen or garage.

What I liked best about it in our tests is how quickly Zep cleans virtually any hard or soft surface, and it’s safe on delicate materials such as upholstery. The next best thing is that it powers out stains and grease with NO harsh fumes. A lot of heavy-duty cleaners are hard on the sinuses!

Do you use a degreaser? Let us know in the comments. We always try to answer any questions, and if you have suggestions for future videos you’d like to see, leave them there too.

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