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How to Use Magic Eraser – 20 Surprising Uses

Do you know how to use a Magic Eraser? Magic Erasers are more versatile than you could ever imagine. And, they are not just for scuff marks on the wall, although they are amazing for that too.

First, what is a magic eraser? Magic Erasers are a product from Mr. Clean brand (though there are several knock-offs, Mr. Clean has high-quality magic sponges with more features, such as making them in sheets. The “magic” of these sponges is melamine, “a nitrogen-rich organic base that in its solid state is a powerful-yet-delicate abrasive.”

Generally speaking, to use a Magic Eraser, take these steps. Wet it, wipe it, and watch scuff marks, marker scribbles, marks on your walls, and so much more disappear –like magic! It’s addicting to see it work so fast.

What do you use a Magic Eraser on? In the video below, Diana shows you 20 ways to use Magic Erasers. They will make your life easier and, yes, your home cleaner too.

Pro Tip: If you are only doing a small job, you only need to use a small amount. So, you may cut your magic eraser into 4ths to make it go even farther.

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How to use magic eraser

1. Remove scuff marks off the walls

If there’s paint on the wall, remember not to scrub too hard because you might also take the paint off.

2. Refresh your tennis shoes

You can’t have tennis shoes without scuff marks, but you can clean them right up with the Magic Eraser.

3. Polish and take tarnish on silverware

Make sure to use a light hand when using it to avoid scratches.

4. Convert caked-on pans good as new

Even if you cooked bacon on a frier, with a little scrubbing, the pan would become almost as clean as the day you bought it.

5. Wipe off the dirt from light switch covers

Light switches near the sink can easily catch dirt, and yet it will be an easy clean up just by using the Magic Eraser.

6. Eliminate residue on stainless steel appliances

Remember to wipe in the same direction as the grain on the metal.

7. Remove residue on regular metal appliances

Magically eliminate stuck-on gunk like a 15-year-old griller that was never cleaned.

white marks on Tupperware
8. Do away with white marks on Tupperware

I had always thought that white marks on Tupperware were permanent. I’m so glad I discovered that they come right off using the Magic Eraser.

9. Get rid of sticker remnants on surfaces

The sticky part of a sticker doesn’t come off easily and can be stuck in the wrong places. Rub the surface with the Magic Erase and say goodbye to that sticky goo.

10. Clean up wall art left by your kids

Crayons on the walls and tables can be tough to clean. But with a little Mr. Clean, it will come off in no time.

11. Scrape off White Out

A little scrubbing will do wonders on your glass walls. Just don’t forget to keep those White Out out of your kids’ sight.

12. Rub off deodorant stains

Putting a dark shirt on with fresh deodorant can sometimes leave visible deodorant marks. Lightly rub a magic eraser over it to take it right off.

how to use magic eraser on car rims
13. Brush away loose makeup

Erase loose makeup off your clothes with just a few scrubs.

14. Remove hard water stains on the shower door

Use a dry magic eraser to take them off, and while you’re at it, move on to faucets, bathtubs, and sinks.

15. Clean up car marks on interior surfaces

It is good for shoe marks on the bottom of car doors. And again, be careful in using the Magic Eraser like leather surfaces. If you scrub too hard, you may also remove the leather itself.

16. Scrub away scum from car rims

Car rims can get so gross, so use gloves to scrub the dirt off.

17. Wipe away dirt off windshields

Use a Magic Eraser with a little water on your windshield and wipe it like you are driving your windshield.

how to use magic erase on handrails
18. Remove scuff marks on baseboards

Black marks on white baseboards are so obvious. Thank goodness they come right off.

19. Sharpie markers on surfaces

While we try to keep these out of reach, Sharpie markers still manage to make it into our kids’ hands from time to time. Luckily, a magic eraser can take it right off.

20. Clean off caked-on dirt on handrails.

Handrails get touched a lot and create a gross, light brown discoloration. But a magic eraser can easily remove that.

Do you have other suggestions on how to use Magic Eraser? Feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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