Lume natural deodorant review

She didn’t take a Shower for 3 Days / Lume Natural Deodorant TESTED

The Lume Natural Deodorant has clever ads. But does it work? After using Lume for several weeks, we will give our honest opinion and experience. Diana didn’t shower for three days. She also got super sweaty during that time. Did she stink, though? Watch the video below to see what she thinks.

Lume comes in tubes (creme that’s ideal for rubbing onto skin with fingers), a cream stick, and a solid stick. Since we made this video, they’ve come out with more products and scents. They have bar soap, shower gel, deodorant wipes, and more.

Lume Natural Deodorant Review

Lume is a natural deodorant. It has no aluminum, artificial fragrances, baking soda, phthalates, sulfates, parabens, and talc. It is safe because it is die-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. It’s gentle on your skin. It’s also a little unique compared to other deodorants. For best results, use a small amount and rub it into the clean, dry skin. Let it dry before putting on your clothes.

An OBGYN created Lume. She wanted to help her female patients suffering from embarrassment from body odor in the privates, and she created this product for them. Lume can be applied on the armpits, under breasts, the bottom of your feet, privates, and everything in between. Basically, anywhere that stinks. It was initially developed for women, but men use it too. Unfortunately, just about everyone stinks.

Scents Available

Scent options are Lavender Sage, Jasmine Rose, Juniper Berry, Silver Spruce, and unscented. Lavender Sage is naturally scented with essential oils. The other scents are made from natural botanicals.

Unscented has no essential oils or added fragrance. All scents are subtle, and none is overpowering. I couldn’t smell it very long after putting it on.

WHICH LUME SCENT SHOULD YOU GET? Hint, it doesn’t matter. They’re all natural with essential oils and Lume PREVENTS and REMOVES bad smells. The scent quickly fades, and you can use your favorite perfume or scent you like. Watch our Lume Scent Test Video.

Lume was developed by Dr. Shannon Klingman
Lume was developed by Dr. Shannon Klingman

VERY IMPORTANT: Why Lume Might Not Work on Some Fabric

At first, we thought that the product didn’t work because there were days that we smelled, and it bothered us. So here’s Lume’s explanation: Products with aluminum, baking soda, and other ingredients gunked up along with your body odor in certain synthetic fabrics like workout clothes caused the smell.

Even though you’ve washed your clothes, it gets reactivated with your body heat and with moisture. And so what you’re smelling isn’t your current BO. It’s your past BO.

For clothing betrayed by past antiperspirants or deodorants, Lume recommends to pre-treat the armpits of your clothing with the Lume Biofilm Buster. It is a concentrated 5-enzyme blend created to target the BO permastink detergents left behind in your clothes. Lume now has a biofilm buster and laundry brush to tackle this common issue.

You may also use other enzyme detergents like Persil after you wear and before you throw them in the hamper. 

But if the clothing is old and stinky, there may be no hope for it. 


At the time of the review, the Lume natural deodorant is $25. You can buy in 3-packs or more to save.


how much you should apply on your pits

Plus, they offer free shipping on purchases worth $25 or more.

Return Policy

Customers have 60 days to return one Lume deodorant and will receive a refund of their purchase, less the shipping cost.

Subscription Option

Choose any Lume product, click “Subscribe,” and get 10% off. You can manage or cancel your subscription up to 3 business days before your billing date.

Decide how many and how often you would like them sent–every 1, 2, or 3 months. Then you can manage your subscription online and never run out of Lume.


Lume deodorant in lotion form

For best results:

  • ➡️ Always apply to dry pits or areas.
  • ➡️ Don’t use too much product – about a pea size is all most people need.
  • ➡️ Make sure it’s dry before you put on your clothes.

Lume claims to last for 72 hours or 3 days. Does it?

The Lume natural deodorant was clinically tested to last 72 hours. This means that you could go directly for 72 hours without showering. Diana used the Lume deo and went on a 3-day camping trip and was not able to shower for the duration of the trip. As a result, her BO was not as bad compared to other deo products.

How long will one bottle of cream Lume Deodorant last?

A 12.2 oz bottle is good for 110-220 applications. If only applied every three days, it will last approximately two years.

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