Brilliant Bathroom Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Bathroom Sparkle!

The bathroom is probably one of my least favorite rooms to clean. So I am always trying to find as many bathroom cleaning hacks as possible to make the job easier. With these hacks, we’ll make your faucets sparkle and your garbage liners stay in place.

The video below will help you tackle this dirty job easier and faster!

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Brilliant Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Here’s our list of our favorite hacks to make your life easier while cleaning your bathroom.

Cleaning the Bathtub

After your little ones get out of the bathtub, fill an empty container with bath water. Once the tub is completely drained, use the bathwater to rinse the bathtub. This process will wash down soap and dirt before it dries, saving you from having to scrub the bathtub later.

garbage liner

Securing the Garbage liner

Hate it when your garbage liner falls into the garbage can? You have to dig down into the gross garbage to find it when you are ready to empty the trash. I hate it too.

Instead, if you have a trash can that tapers, as most do, put the liner in the can, then pull the top down to the bottom of the can, where it is skinnier. Then tie a knot on the liner. As you pull the liner back up to the top of the trash where it is wider, it will cinch down, securing the liner to the trash can so it will stay in place.

While we are the subject of garbage, keep your roll of garbage liners in the bottom of the trash can. The liner is where you need it whenever you take out the trash. You don’t have to search for it.

Remember that when it comes to cleaning, every second counts.

Cleaning Faucets

squeezing lemon on a scouring pad

If you have hard water stains around your faucet, dampen a paper towel with vinegar and wrap it around the bottom of the faucet. Make sure the paper towel contacts where the water stains are. Wait an hour and then come back. You’ll be amazed at how easily the hard water stains wipe off.

Have a dingy faucet head that has lost its shine? It’s probably due to more hard water build-up. Use a lemon or lime. Squirt a small amount of juice onto a sponge and use that to wipe the faucet. Or you can skip the sponge and rub the fruit directly onto the faucet. The acid in the lemon or lime will clean up the water stains. Rinse, wipe and watch it shine.

If you want your faucet to have a little extra sparkle, try pouring baby oil on a cloth and rubbing it in. That baby makes the faucet shine.

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