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Some of you might be thinking, “How does this help me? I already know how to make my bed!” Well, it’s not just about bedding; it’s also about this daily life skill, valuable details, and presentation. So this blog hopes to teach you something new or remind you of some old tricks that will save both time and frustration.

This blog features links for various items we used as part of the bed-making process, ranging from 100% Egyptian cotton sheets to our mattress toppers. 

If you choose to use our links, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. We were given the sheets to review and share with you.

Step 1 Put on Waterproof Mattress Protector

Let’s start with the end in mind; what is the outcome that you are looking for? For instance, let’s take a Hero Bed with a 12-inch mattress; it will have a sheet set with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, two regular pillowcase covers, two pillowcase shams, and a duvet cover. We will show you how to make it beautiful too.

Start by taking everything off the bed and washing it if needed. The first layer should be your waterproof mattress protector. It goes right onto your mattress before the sheets. It protects from spills, stains, and dust. It’s easier to wash or clean than a mattress.

The fitted sheet

Your mattress needs protection from stains and liquids you might spill. The best type of protection is a fitted sheet which will keep your mattress well-protected. Your fitted sheet should have elastic around it.

Take your fitted sheet and ensure no wrinkles in the fabric; hold it up by one of the corners and let gravity do its job. Don’t put your iron directly on the sheet.

We recommend Pure Parima Sheets if you want a luxury sleeping experience. This is Diana’s guest room, and guests LOVE staying there because of the high-end feel. If you can splurge, do it!

Lining the corner up

  • To line it up to get your corners lined up, put your hand inside by the edge of your sheet corner and take your other hand.
  • Hold it with high-quality elastic and put it on the corner of your mattress.
  • Line them up and then hold them there while you tuck them around your bed

That way, you’ll get a nice smooth corner, then tuck.

The flat sheet

Tip: Make sure the tag is at the bottom of the bed. It’s also much easier to do with two people.

To make the sides even, you want to line up the top with the top of the bed and pull it down to make it tight. You want to make sure that your sheets are inside-out, so when you fold them down for your pillows and if you have a blanket, you’ll fold it down with the sheet that will show the most beautiful part of the sheet-like the six-inch double hemstitch detail.

How to Do Hospital Corners

Take your ends, pull them tight, tuck, try kind of put your hand and smooth and then take this edge over and tuck tight. Make sure all your sides are tucked tight. See the video for a demonstration.

Note: 100% cotton sheets are a natural product, and as such, they will wrinkle if you have 100% Egyptian cotton. Beware. According to the cotton Egyptian Association, 90% of them are fakes. Real ones cost you a little bit more and are so smooth, not soft, and very durable.

How to put them on a duvet cover

You want to line this up with the top of the sheet to ensure your edges are the same. The comforter needs to cast the bedsheet as you don’t want the bedsheet poking out there underneath.

You take the top of the comforter and the top of your sheet and put it halfway down, and straighten it. The top of the sheet should show the details or pattern. Check out the Parina link; it comes with two regular pillowcases and has a duvet cover. It comes with two shams with a hidden zipper inside.

The Buffy Comforter is a natural cotton comforter/duvet. They have 2 options. We prefer the Buffy Breeze because we found that the Buffy Cloud slept warm and the Breeze is machine washable. However, if you sleep cold, get the Cloud Comforter.

Finding the invisible zip


Here’s what to do to hide the zipper on the pillowcase:

  • Put your hand inside the pillowcase, find the corner match it up with the corner of your pillow.
  • On each side, corner to corner then, hold it and then fold down
  • Lasty, you turn it over and find the hidden zipper; get across up two layers of pillows and make sure you get all the edges to the crease.

Standard size pillowcases

For this, we use box stitch detail once and with care. Pure Parima also has this envelope-style pillow case so that you won’t have those loose ends just hanging out of the size of your pillows. It gives it a nice finished edge. 

2 ways to put pillowcases on

To make it easier to put a pillowcase on your pillow:

  • Put your arm, put it in the middle of the pillow, fold it in half, take your cover, and put it inside, and then again, we’re going to match up the corners and pull it fast and easy. You also have this piece of fabric that comes right over the top and then doesn’t show the pillow and makes a nice edge.
  • The other method is to take your pillowcase, turn it inside out, lay it on top of your pillow, then take your other arm, your arms and take it and find the corners; match them up with the pillow corners.

Add decorative pillows (Optional)

To add a little color and contrast, you might want to use colorful decorative pillows to lift the color scheme. This is optional but makes it look better. Some people go crazy with adding so many pillows, but 2 rows (4 pillows) is enough. Even 2 works.

Any questions about how to make your bed? Let us know in the comments!

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