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How To Clean A Greasy Stove Top

Have you ever wondered how to clean a greasy, dirty stove? You’re not alone. We get it. Stoves accumulate grease and dirt, especially when used to cook all sorts of things and left dirty overnight. Fat builds up on your stovetop over time, making it look disgusting and feel gross to touch. But don’t worry! There is hope! This blog will explain how to clean it up with a few products and some elbow grease. If this sounds like something that interests you keep reading; you are about to discover how to clean a dirty and greasy stove with ammonia, cling film soaked overnight right here today!


We will be using ammonia for this, and you need to be careful with this product because it is very toxic. Be sure to only work with this stuff in a ventilated area or outside, and wear gloves, a face mask(to protect you from the fumes), and safety goggles during the process. Remember that you are working with a highly flammable chemical. Ammonia is irritating and corrosive; if you breathe too much of it in, it can burn your nose and lungs; it can also burn your eyes too much and lead to respiratory distress.

Let’s start cleaning!

What you’re going to need:

  • A couple of thick rubber dishwashing gloves
  • A thick face mask
  • Thick safety goggles (not glasses, you need to protect your eyes from any ammonia splashes)
  • Household ammonia
  • Paper towel
  • Saran Wrap or Plastic wrap enough to cover your stove while it soaks

Depending on how dirty your stove is, you might need to repeat it more than once.

Safety first: Put on your rubber dishwashing gloves, face mask, and safety goggles. And open your windows. If you can do this outside, that is even better. Start by removing all dry dirt you can find on the stove, make sure to do this first.

Cleaning the stove

Remove the stove grid and burners and put them into containers like a glass oven dish or bucket to soak in ammonia. You can turn the burner grate upside down so that they are in contact with ammonia, cover it with saran wrap and leave it overnight.

Your stove should be pretty bare now. If you have burner wells, pour a thin layer of ammonia into them. For the rest of the pre-soak paper towels into ammonia and lay them over the stove. Use a generous amount of saran wrap and cover your stove with it, ensuring that all surfaces are covered.

Let it soak overnight; for the impatient ones, you should start seeing grease and dirt floating to the surface after a few hours. The longer you leave it, the more you will easily remove it. Overnight is recommended, not because it takes too long but because we want to ensure we get rid of as much grease and dirt as possible, and ammonia evaporates very quickly! It means that if your stove isn’t soaking for enough time, there’s a possibility that some grease and dirt might still be hiding under those paper towels. Leaving it overnight minimizes this risk.

In the morning, after your long stare at a dirty stove, put your gloves, face mask, and protective goggles back on, take out the paper towels and scrub everything off. It should be coming off quickly, and grease should be floating on the surface of the ammonia. Wipe it all up with paper towels. What should happen is that thick grease falls off like a tender spare rib just falling off the bone!

Once it is clean, check if the result is good enough for you. With a dirty stove, it might need another round of ammonia and cling wrap before it comes out shining like new!

Throw away the dirty ammonia-soaked paper towels and saran wrap if you haven’t been able to use them all. And rinse your stove with water.

If some grease is not coming off easily, use a soft brush to scrub it away.

Once the stove’s surface is satisfactory, check your other container with your burner wells and burner grate. Use wipe off the dirt using soaked paper towels.

All your parts are now clean and shiny. Reattach the burner grate and put your stove back together!

How about that? Clean, shiny, and grease-free! The best part is that it only costs some ammonia and cling wrap.

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