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3 Easy Ways to Fold a Towel like a Pro

You know that feeling when you’re in a hotel, and you open up the bathroom cabinet to find neatly folded towels? It’s like heaven.

What if we can bring the same feel at home too? You don’t even have to hire a professional organizer or buy a bunch of hotel-style towels. It’s all about the folding technique you use, and we’ve got just the thing for you: three different ways to fold a towel, so it looks just like what you get in a hotel.

This blog will show you how to do it yourself! You’ll be able to impress your family, friends, and guests with these three easy ways to fold your towels as the pros do.

Read on to learn more about these three methods and choose which one out of the three methods (the stand-up, compact and decorative) works best for you.

Method 1: The stand-up

  • Start by folding it in half the long way, so it turns like almost a square
  • Fold it again, this time in thirds, making a long, thinner rectangle
  • Fold it in half.

The edges are no longer visible either in the front or the back.

Method 2: Compact for stacking

If you have a smaller space to store your towel, this method is for you. It is an excellent way to make your towel look nicer and have more time available.

You want to fold your towel in half again the long way and try to get your edges to match up. 

Next, you fold it again in thirds, smoothing out the edges. Lastly, you fold it in thirds again the long way to make it even tighter, even slightly smaller. It will be a bit taller and fluffy.

The method has fewer edges on display, even on the back, not that most people will not see that!

Method 3: The decorative display

This third method is more of a decorative one, especially if you want to display your towels if you’re going to have all of them look like

Lay your towel, flat smooth it out, then take one edge and fold it into a triangle.  What it should look like is a rectangle and a triangle next to it, like a ramp.

Next, you fold the towel again by taking the shorter edge to meet the longest top edge.

Turn it over so that the pointy side is away from you. Then roll it up tightly; once you reach the top, tuck the pointy tag under so it is not visible. There you have it, it looks amazing with regular towels or even napkins!  This method creates a neat design and doesn’t come unfolded very easily.

You can stack them in a basket or on a shelf; it looks nice that way too.

Suppose you want to impress your family, friends, or guests with neatly folded towels at home without hiring a professional organizer or buying hotel-style towels. In that case, the three methods we have provided should help. The first method is for those who want something quick and easy to do in seconds. For those with limited space available to store their towel, this compact folding technique will work best as it’s an excellent way to make your towel look nicer and take up less room. Finally, a decorative option works well if you plan on displaying these beautifully folded towels!  

Tell us which one you do prefer or use the most!

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