toothpaste on headlight (for cleaning)

Put Toothpaste on Headlights and WATCH WHAT HAPPENS

Why put toothpaste on headlights? Because the mild abrasion that cleans teeth can also get the dirt off your car.

We all know if your headlights are foggy, your car doesn’t look as nice. You also can’t see as clearly as you drive, which can be a safety hazard. Over time your headlights can become dull from sunlight and dirt. The plastic can turn yellow. Therefore, one way to achieve a smooth ride is to ensure all parts of your car are functioning, including regular cleaning.

Foggy headlights not only look dirty but can make your lights less bright. The good news is, keeping them clean is a cinch with the right tools. So, in this article, we will show you a practical and straightforward technique to clean your headlights using just one household ingredient.

Note: If you rub your fingers on your foggy headlight, and it feels bumpy and it feels gritty, then you know that the dirt is on the outside of the headlight. But, if you’ve tried cleaning it and it is still dirty, then it may be that the dirt and the yellow are coming from the inside. And if that’s the case, this procedure won’t work for you.

Also, this is a temporary fix that will help but not be permanent. If you want longer-lasting results, you’ll need to buy a new headlight or use a sandpaper method. Amazon has a handy guide to get the right headlight replacements. Just put in your vehicle’s year/make/model to get the right ones to fit.

What you’ll need to clean your foggy headlights

Here are some items that you probably already have to get the job done.

➡️ Toothbrush or small brush to put toothpaste on headlights
➡️ White toothpaste
➡️ Disposable gloves

Cleaning Method

It would be best not to use gel toothpaste because you want it to be gritty. When you rub the paste between your fingers, you’ll feel that grittiness even if you have gloves on. It’s the same grittiness that makes your teeth white. So, it acts as a mild abrasive to help clean up all of the debris, the fogginess, and the yellowness you have on your headlight.

Just follow our simple steps below to achieve a clean headlight.

foggy headlight
Foggy headlight BEFORE
Step 1: Put a good amount of toothpaste on your finger and rub it on your headlight.

Spread it around very generously. Make sure to cover every part of the headlight. If you need more, go ahead and grab more, as much as you need, and just really spread it around. As you do that, you will feel grittiness between your fingers as the dirt will also start to move.

brushing the foggy headlights with toothpaste
Step 2: Use a brush

Once you have it covered well, get a brush that is not too abrasive. Don’t use a steel brush or anything like that. An excellent brush for this task is a toothbrush. Use it to scrub around, and take your time to work that toothpaste into every part of the headlight. Also, use circular motions to go all around and cover every part of the headlight.

And if the toothpaste is getting too thick, you can add a little water.

Step 3: Prepare a bucket of warm water and a washcloth

It’s essential to ensure that toothpaste residue is rinsed off well. Soak the washcloth with warm water. Then, squeeze out all the excess water and wipe down the product. So if there’s any residue left over, go ahead and rinse out your bucket, fill it with more clean water and repeat the cleaning process.

Step 4: Final rinse

Finally, rinse out the toothpaste on the headlights with a clean rag with clean water.

from foggy headlight to clean headlight
Foggy headlight AFTER

Say goodbye to foggy headlights. After following the procedure, you’ll see how much of a difference it makes. For other tips and tricks to clean your car, we also have a playlist of Car Cleaning Videos and a video on how to Steam Clean a Dirty Car.

Did you try it? Comment and let me know how it worked for you!

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