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Hilife Clothes Steamer Review / Bestselling Clothes Steamer

Do you have clothes that you avoid wearing because they are too wrinkled? A clothes steamer is a faster, easier way to iron.

Maybe you put off ironing them because it’s too much work? Or maybe you don’t have a lot of space or even own an ironing board. Even if you do, it might be a pain to pull it all out, so you avoid doing it.

Then you may want to learn more about steam irons!

We did receive the Hilife travel steam iron as a sample from the company so that we could go over it with you. They also created a discount code we could share with you to help you save on purchasing one. If after reading our review and seeing the videos of us using this steam iron, you want to buy one, be sure to use our links below.

Clothes steamers are irons that steam wrinkles from clothing, curtains, bedding, and more. Unlike a regular iron, you need a flat horizontal surface to use, steam irons are meant to be used upright. You can steam-iron your curtains without taking them down. Or your shirt (without even taking it off the hanger). And you don’t need an ironing board or a large flat space to use it, either.

Hilife clothes steamer twisting on lid
Twist on the lid of the steam iron (then use the button on the handle to turn it on).

Here at Clean Freak & Germaphobe, we love the cleaning power of steam to blast away dirt and disinfect. But steam can also removes wrinkles.

Hilife Clothes Steamer

The Hilife Clothes Steamer is a lightweight travel steamer that provides 15 minutes of continuous steam. There are no triggers to hold or buttons to push to activate the steam. It weighs under 2 pounds (1.7 pounds) and is portable. It doesn’t take up a lot of room in your closet or under the sink (wherever you store it). So it doesn’t use weight to get wrinkles. It uses steam. Even with water in it, it’s very light. And a little water goes a long way. Even if you have to refill it, it doesn’t take long.

Filling steam iron with water

To use, you add water with the included measuring cup to the fill line. Plug it in and wait about 3 minutes for it to start shooting out steam. Then it’s ready to iron.

Hilife is a 700 Watt steam iron and holds 250 ml of water. Should you use tap water or distilled? If you have hard water, you may want to use distilled. However, tap is fine.

Depending on use, you may need to decalcify it every 6 months by soaking it in vinegar and then rinsing off the white deposits inside.

It features a 9.2-foot cord so you can reach further distances. Since this steam iron is so light and compact, many people take it on trips. You never know if the hotel will have plugs near where you need them, so the cord makes it easier for you.

Start at the top of the item that you’re ironing, and if you can, pull it taught. Then glide the steamer head over the fabric to smooth out wrinkles. It goes fast, and it only takes a few minutes to iron a shirt.

You can see a demo of me using the Hilife to steam my wrinkled cotton shirt in this video. Half the shirt is left wrinkled, and half was steamed so that you can see the difference. You’ll see well how it glides over buttons and flattens steams. One thing you must be aware of – if you don’t keep it upright or at a slight angle, you can spill water onto your clothing. So watch how I avoid that.

Hilife Clothes Steamer Unboxing

Want to see how compact the steamer is and how it looks coming out of the box, including what you get? Watch our unboxing video:

Hilife Clothes Steamer Demo

And here you can see me steam ironing the shirt I often avoid wearing because it’s wrinkled and a pain to iron…see how quickly and easily it gets the pockets and collar. This shirt is a bit of a pain to iron normally…

This is a budget priced clothing steamer. It’s very simple and easy to use. I think it’s ideal for 1 or 2 items, but might be cumbersome if you have a lot to iron. So instead of ironing a big basket full of laundry, you can steam iron as you need them or want to wear. Or in smaller batches. It’s meant to be quick, with very little setup time.

Since you’re working with steam, be aware that it can be hot, especially where the steam comes out. So use caution and keep from children or pets when the steam is going (just like a hot iron). Don’t point it at a person close up (the further you are from the steamer, the cooler the steam is, it’s the hottest right near the source but quickly cools from there).

To sum up:

1. Super easy to use. Add water and plug in for up to 18 minutes of continuous steaming.
2. Work efficiently. Wrinkles and creases go away in seconds. Absolutely a lifesaver.
3. Portable and lightweight, make it easy to carry and travel with.
4. Amazon Choice product with 60,000+ reviews.
5. Takes up little space 14.76 x 8.98 x 5.39 inches are the dimensions.
6. Cost is under $30.

Hilife Steam Iron Coupon

As for cost, the Hilife steam iron is inexpensive, at under $30 when we did this review.

Questions? Leave a comment, and we’ll try to answer any questions you may have.

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