How to Clean Laminate and Other Hard Floors FASTER with a Vacmop

Do you have a lot of hard floors like laminate? If you still sweep or vacuum your hard floors and then use a traditional mop and bucket to mop, you’re doing it the hard way. It’s heavy to lift the bucket of water, empty the dirty water when you’re done and have to wait for the floor to dry. It up takes a long time, and it’s hard work! It can be hard on your back. Plus, unless you often change the water with clean water, which is a hassle, you continually use dirty water on clean floors.

We want to introduce a new way of mopping. It’s the Inse Wet Dry Vacuum. It is cordless and self-propelling. It vacuums up the dry messes while putting cleaner down and mopping with a roller. And the most exciting part is: it’s so fast!!

You don’t need a broom, mop, or bucket. All you need is a wet-dry vacuum. Once you’re done mopping, you run a self-cleaning cycle and empty the dirty water into the sink (it’s very lightweight). It’ll save you so much time.

What is a vacuum mop or wet dry mop?

old way of cleaning floors

A vacuum mop is a ​​cordless, multi-function wet-dry vacuum cleaner. It vacuums and mops simultaneously, leaving floors dry fast and streak-free.

The old way of cleaning your hard floors meant you had to sweep or vacuum your floor. Then get a bucket and mop to go over the floors again.

If you have a large area to clean, it takes a long time. It also takes a long time to dry. With a wet-dry vacuum mop, you no longer have all the work of cleaning your floor.

So you can clean it more often. Husbands or children, or teens who don’t like to clean can operate it.

It puts clean water and cleaner onto the surface and sucks the water into another tank. Unlike a mop, you never have to touch dirty water or dip it in dirty water and wring it out.

If you have a pet as we do, you know that you have to constantly clean pet hair off your floor – this makes it easier to clean. This is how to clean your laminate and other hard floors faster!

Inse Wet Dry Vacuum Review

The Inse Wet Dry Vacuum changed our cleaning lives in 2021. If you’ve watched Clean Freak & Germaphobe videos on YouTube, you’ll know we love cleaning devices, and we’ve tested many different vacuum mops. Over 9 of them range from $300 to $700. And for the price and extra features, this is one of our top picks. 

At the end of this post, I’ll give the pros and cons so you can decide if it’s for you. 


What Makes Inse Wet and Dry Vacuum Different from the others?

There are 2 unique things about the Inse Wet and Dry Vacuum:

  1. Instead of a liquid cleaning solution to mop your floor, Inse vacuum mops come with small square detergent sheets. Add them to the included measuring cup, and they dissolve in the water. They’re lightweight, don’t take up much space (little storage space needed) and won’t spill or need to be measured like liquid cleaners. Sort of like laundry detergent sheets; they are concentrated, dehydrated cleaners.
  2. The cleaning cycle is followed by a drying cycle that dries the brush roller. That means it won’t get mildew or start to stink. This is a problem with all the other vacuum mops we’ve tested. If you don’t let the roller air dry for at least a day, it gets smelly. And it takes a long time to dry. You’ll see in the video that we did a paper towel test to show you how dry the roller gets.

What kind of floors can you use the Inse vacuum mop on?

You can use it to clean laminate and other hard floors such as tile, linoleum, and sealed wood floors.

cleaning sheets

What You Get

Besides the main unit, you get the following: 

  • Storage Base 
  • User Manual
  • Measuring Cup
  • Charger Adapter
  • 2 HEPA Filters
  • 2 Rollers
  • Cleaning Sheets 100Pcs 
  • Long Handle Brush 
  • 2-in-1 Cleaning Gadget to cut off hair wrapped on the roller and brush out the filter.


Here are some important details about the Inse Vacuum Mop:

Note: The dirty water tank automatically locks, so don’t get frustrated trying hard to take off the top to dump out the dirty water. 

Other Features

The Inse wet and dry vacuum is equipped with Voice Assistant. It is very helpful because it audibly tells you what it will do when you press a button or connect to the power, such as adding water, if you need to charge it, or when the self-cleaning starts/ends. If you don’t do these things, it won’t clean as well. And I noticed when I’d forget to do it and then wonder why the floors weren’t being cleaned.

It has an LCD screen showing the battery life in percent and 2 power levels: low and high. The clean water tank detaches completely to clean or refill, which is very convenient. And finally, you don’t need the base to charge the cleaner, but you do need to put the Inse on the base to run the self-cleaning cycle.

But the cleaner doesn’t have an app.


You get a lot for the price. This is a new product and has only been out a little while. The price has fluctuated a bit on Amazon. Currently, it’s around $300 on Amazon, and it’s not on their website yet. I thought that was expensive until I saw well it cleans. And how much time it saves me. I can’t live without it now!


Cleaning tests

If you want more water, you can put some down on the floor first and clean it so it will be wetter. Though the cleaner has a button to add more water, it’s still not getting your floors super wet. Of course, you don’t want some floors to get wet. Hardwood floors can warp, for example.

Water can seep through or around the vinyl planks, so you can’t have water sitting on the floor for a long time. Water may remain in the cracks, crevices, and edges of the floor, causing mold to form underneath.

There’s no steam or heat, so that it won’t damage your floors.  

The water temperature should be 140 degrees, similar to a hot shower but not boiling. It helps the detergent sheet dissolve easier (although it’s worked fine with tap-temperature water) and improves its cleaning ability.

Cleaning and charging time

You can use the Inse cleaner for up to 35 minutes. And charging time is 4-5 hours which is pretty standard. I use it more often in the main living areas we use the most, and then we clean all the hard floors weekly.

Can you vacuum or just mop or only both together?

The Inse wet-dry vacuum mops and vacuums at the same time. Some vacuum mops have separate functions so that you can vacuum area rugs, but none are for wall-to-wall carpeting or high-pile carpet. 

Edge Cleaning

It doesn’t get all the way to the edge of the floor, but it’s pretty close. To be honest, only one vacuum mop does edges well and is quite a bit more expensive. It’s the Tineco S5. You can see from the video how close it got though. Still, you may need to get those areas by hand. We recommend always cleaning immediately after a mess is made.

If you have streaking, go over the floor again with just water, or don’t use detergent. 

how to clean the Inse wet dry vacuum

How to clean the cleaner 

  1. After each use, empty the dirty water. Otherwise, it’ll start to smell and be harder to clean. Clean the filter and container. 
  2. Clean the dirty water tank if you have any issues with saying it’s full when it’s not. Also, remove it and check the opening underneath (on the machine) to ensure it’s not blocked. This is where the sensor is. Use the cleaning brush to clean hair or other stuff that may get stuck in there so the water can flow freely.
  3. Remove the cover and roller and clean under and around them as needed. 
  4. Use the tool to cut off hair or clean smaller things that get wound around the brush.

What’s the Difference Between a Wet/Dry Vacuum and a Shop Vac?

Wet/dry vacuums, sometimes called “shop vacs,” are for more heavy-duty applications around the house and not for routine cleaning. They don’t have water tanks but can suck up wet or dry messes. They don’t mop. A wet-dry vacuum cleans up wet and dry messes and has a roller that “mops” the floor. It looks like a vacuum but is made to clean laminate and other hard floors. 

Best Wet/Dry Vacuum? 

Every vacuum mop has its pros and cons. Here’s what we thought after testing the Inse for several weeks:


  • SUPER FAST!!! Self-propels, so you don’t have to push; it practically mops itself.  
  • Lies are almost flat, so you can more easily clean under the bed and furniture. 
  • The detergent sheets are amazing, they dissolve completely quickly, and you get 100 of them. 
  • Like that you don’t have to charge it on the base (self-cleaning requires the base).
  • We LOVE that the roller goes through a drying cycle – just like when you take your car through a car wash. If you dry it after, it gets cleaner. But the biggest thing is no more stink! Too bad every vacuum mop doesn’t have this feature!
  • Smart display and voice assist, so you don’t have to look to see if the tanks need refilling or emptying. It talks to you and shows you. 


  • The cover is not intuitive to take on and off (watch the video to see how).
  • The cleaning and drying cycle is longer and a little louder than the other vacuum mops we’ve tested.
  • The self-cleaning cycle is the same button that turns the power from normal to high. It’s not clear, so it’s hard to remember.
  • We wish the clean water tank was larger. However, it’s so easy to mop you can get it out for even small messes and more easily keep your floor clean in between full house cleans. 
  • No storage place for the extra roller, cleaning brush, and extra filter. But these are must-haves.
  • We wish you could turn off the voice command (although we like it telling us when to refill the tanks).

You may also want to check our other product reviews on YouTube.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. 

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