Janet and Diana showing a Dupray Neat steam cleaner

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner First Look

Have you heard of the Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner? Steam cleaners can clean and disinfect just about anything with just superheated water or steam. However, the Neat is ideal if you have a quicker job and don’t need big equipment.

We have several steam cleaners between us. Janet has a handheld, a Dupray Neat, Dupray Home, Dupray Tosca, and a Bissell Steamshot. That’s 5. Diana has several too. We’re big fans of Dupray for the cost, attachments, and especially the quality of their materials and design.

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Released in May 2018, The Dupray Neat steam cleaner made it onto Amazon’s bestselling steam cleaners list in its first weeks. And on the same month, these steamers were sold out, and the reviews were very high. They’ve remained high.

First, if you’re not familiar with a steam cleaner, it’s a machine that has a boiler inside. You put water in, and it superheats it until it becomes steam. It’s also under pressure. Then you can use it to blast away dirt and grime. Unlike a carpet cleaner, it emits steam but doesn’t have suction. So after you steam something, wipe the surface clean. There’s no dirty water to empty. Carpet cleaners use room-temperature water. So they don’t disinfect on their own. And they leave a surface quite wet. Steam is dryer.

It’s best to use a steam cleaner on non-porous or hard surfaces. While you can use it on carpet or upholstery, don’t get too close, or it can burn the material. I may have tested that on my couch, where I now have a permanent burn mark.

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Preview

In this video, we show you the Dupray Neat steam cleaner and how you fill it, use it, and what to clean with it.

We will dive further into our steam cleaning addiction with a new reasonably priced Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner. Its #1 feature? It has a handle you can lock on, so you don’t have to hold it down.

Neat steamer built in funnel

The lock feature is incredible. You can steam-clean surfaces hands-free. Your hands won’t get tired of holding the switch, even if you’re cleaning and doing something for 20 minutes or more.

Filling up the Neat is simple – you unscrew the cap and fill until the water pools around the top. It has a built-in funnel. Easy storage with the cord that wraps around the bottom, and it has wheels on the bottom.

Cost of a Dupray neat steam cleaner

The Neat is at a much lower price point than their other models – at around $150 – so we want to know if it is any good. Did they skimp on the accessories and go too cheap, or is it still the quality we expect from Dupray?

Or you may also use this link to purchase the Neat on Amazon.


It comes with a 2-year limited warranty on the internal machine parts and a lifetime warranty on the steam cleaner boiler.

The Neat steamer has only one button

Quality and Design

The Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner is made of durable high-grade plastic. Like the higher-end Tosca model, its broiler is made of aluminum steel. It has a retractable handle, making it light and easy to carry around. And it has an integrated funnel, so refilling it with water will be a breeze.

We like the simple design and the look of the Neat. This sleek white cube has only one button, making it look like Apple designed it.

Other Specifications

Weight9 lbs. / 4 kg
Dimensions10.5″ x 10.5″ x 9.5″
Boiler Volume54 oz. / 1600 ml
Heating Time7 minutes
Maximum Temperatureup to 275°F/135°C
Steam Pressure50 psi
Cleaning Timeup to 50 minutes of cleaning time with one fill up

You can use ordinary tap water on the Neat, but you need to flush it out with water and vinegar after 20 hours of usage. But we recommend you use distilled water (it doesn’t require flushing out) to get the most life out of the product.

Neat accessories


I’ve noticed that the accessories can be cheaply made on other steam cleaners but not with the Neat. They are as sturdy as the Tosca and superior to any in this price range. The other accessories, like the map attachment, triangle tool, and squeegee, are slightly smaller than the Tosca. They don’t adjust and swivel as much. But you get a lot for your money, and the quality of everything is the same as their higher-end model, which is pretty impressive.

  • 1 Rectangular Floor Tool
  • 3 Microfiber Pads
  • 1 Window Tool
  • 2 Extension Tubes
  • 1 Lance
  • 1 Microfiber Cloth – but we love the Norwex brand cloths; they are more expensive, but they hold up the best. We’ll put a link to those in the product description
  • 1 Triangular Tool to get into corners
  • 1 Triangular Tool Microfiber Bonnet
  • 5 Nylon Brushes (great because you’re covered if they wear out)
  • 1 Brass Brush
  • 1 Add fresh fragrance disc

Though the Dupray cleaner comes with microfiber cloths, it will wear out, so you will need more soon. We recommend the Norwex microfiber cloth replacement or our favorite Mr. Siga microfiber cloths (much cheaper than Norwex yet still good quality).


We can’t have everything we want in one machine for the Neat’s price, but a few things are on our wish list. I wish there were a water indicator on the Neat or a way to determine how much water is left. I also hoped there was something to hold all the accessories, like a bag. And lastly, having more accessory options would be more convenient for our cleaning tasks.


To sum it up, I love the Neat steam cleaner. Compared to any other cheaper steam cleaner models, it is made of quality materials, and it’s worth more than the price.

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