best way to clean a baking sheet

Clean Baking Sheets so they Look NEW AGAIN!!

How to clean baking sheets that are black with caked-on baked food? You have two choices:  throw it away or clean it up. Unless you’re the cook who likes the patina of a well-used baking sheet.

Here are Clean Freak & Germaphobe we usually choose to clean rather than toss. We love the challenge, savings, and satisfaction of seeing something go from looking bad to beautiful.

Even though this video is a few years old, we still have and use this baking sheet, and it looks as good as it did when we finished cleaning it. So it was worth it. I prefer to buy higher quality baking sheets and clean them. It trumps buying cheaper items that wear out faster. We tried many ways to clean this to find the best one. In this case, it was still a lot of work bit worth it. Now I use baking mats on cookie sheets to prevent messes and the work to clean them up.

In this article, we show you how to clean baking sheets, including a method if you hate to scrub (like we do)!

Clean Baking Sheets

You can watch our video to see how we cleaned baking sheets, so they look almost new again. If only it removed scratches; they’re still doing their job and baking great cookies!

Things you’ll need

things you need to clean a baking sheet

Here are some easy-to-find items that will make cleaning easier:

➡️ Brillo Pads (you can order them in bulk from the Dollar Tree website – I can go through a box on an oven, easy)
➡️ Kitchen Cleaning Gloves
➡️ Ammonia
➡️ Drill Cleaning Kit

You can get the Brillo Pads and Brillo brand Kitchen Gloves from the Dollar Tree store. They’ve got a lot of super-cheap cleaning materials in stock. And we love the Brillo brand.

But we don’t recommend getting the ammonia at Dollar Tree because it is not as strong as other brands.

How to Clean baking sheets

filthy baking sheet

1st method

Step 1: Submerge the pan in ammonia

Put the pan inside a plastic kitchen. Pour in Ammonia and seal it off. Let it soak for at least overnight.

IMPORTANT: In dealing with chemicals, make sure to work in a well-ventilated area. The fumes are intense, and it stinks.

Step 2: Scrub the pan using a scouring pad

PRO TIP: To get those little corners on the pan, get a knife, wrap the Brillo pad around it and scrub away.

2nd Method (if you don’t like to scrub)

Step 1: Submerge the pan in ammonia

Put the pan inside a plastic kitchen bag. Pour in Ammonia and seal it off. Let it soak for at least overnight. You can do this more than once. Just be very careful when you open the bag. Ammonia can be caustic, and you don’t want to breathe it in. So open the plastic bag away from your face or open the windows, so there’s plenty of ventilation.

cleaned baking sheet

Step 2: Use Cleaning Drill to scrub the pan

If you hate scrubbing as much as I do, clean the baking sheet using a Cleaning Drill. They are brushes that attach to the end of your drill to give you extra scrubbing power. And it will only take half an hour to get the job done.

Then when your baking sheet is sparkling again, make sure to use baking sheets to line your pans to contain the mess when you cook!

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section.

For more kitchen cleaning tips, check out our video on how to Clean a GREASY, DIRTY OVEN with a STEAM CLEANER.

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