Diana showing how to clean after throw up

How to Clean Up Throw up and Disinfect Too

How to clean up throw up. If you have sick kids, you need to thoroughly clean throw up and make sure you don’t miss anything or it can come back to haunt you! Plus, taking action after a vomit (or fecal) accident, is important. Whether its a throw-up, diarrhea mess or any mess with bodily fluid, it best clean out to help prevent the spread of infection.

Diana, the germaphobe, was completely grossed out but being a mom, she still had to take action. She’s also a medical professional, is mindful of germs and not spreading illness. Whatever the reason you’re cleaning up throw up, it’s a yucky job someone has to do!

So worry no more because we will guide you on how to clean up effectively including that one step that a lot of people miss to keep the whole house germ-free.

How to clean throw up in the Bathroom

I’m not gonna lie. It’s really gross but we love our family and this is a part of life… the messier part of life. So if that’s how you feel, it’s totally normal it’s okay to think your kids throw up is disgusting. We just have to roll with it.

What you’ll need

To sanitize the area completely, here’s the list of items you need to prepare:

Clean after throw up Method

spraying disinfectant solution after throw up in bathroom

Step 1: Make sure to block off all humans and pets from the contaminated area

Clear other family members (especially small children and pets) away from the room.

Step 2: Put on disposable gloves to reduce exposure to the virus

Always remember to safeguard yourself from germs.

Step 3: Prepare cleaning solution

Mix water with concentrated disinfectant in a spray bottle. You may also use sanitizing wipes. We LOVE Force of Nature cleaner because it’s nontoxic and safe for children and pets. And it’s a disinfectant.

Step 4: Spray solution on the area and let it sit for 10-15 minutes

Spray thoroughly especially on those hard to clean spots to loosen up dried or thick fluids.

Step 5: Wipe off the area again

When, you’re cleaning up after throw up, be sure to widen your view of what you need to clean. Never underestimate how far vomit can splatter including your walls, corners, other appliances or fixtures.

steam cleaning floor after throw up

Step 6: Steam clean or use a brush to thoroughly clean crevices

I highly recommend using a steam cleaner, a toothbrush or a scrub brush to really get into those little tiny spaces or crevices. There might be some spots that you may have missed by wiping it only.

You may also want to check out our HomeRight Steam Cleaner review and buy one using this link.

Step 7: Final touches

This is the last and most important step that people often skip. Disinfect the area again by spraying a solution. Instead of wiping off the area immediately, leave the area for 3-4 minutes. This will allow the chemical cleaner to effectively kill the bacteria and viruses on the surface.

We really love steam cleaners because they can get what you can’t see but leaves an awful smell!

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