Janet teaches how to make a DIY disinfectant wipes


I want to share a quick and easy way to DIY disinfectant wipes. Many people have been looking for Clorox wipes in the store, which have been tough to find when in high demand, like during the height of COVID-19. Even now, if people in your home are sick with a virus, even the flu, it helps to wipe down surfaces and disinfect your home daily. And there’s a very cheap, straightforward way to do that.

What you’ll need

Here are some easy-to-find essentials to create your disinfectant wipes to replace wipes. You can also use cut-up t-shirts or clothes to make these reusable.

➡️ Professional Spray Bottle
➡️ Cleaning Gloves
➡️ Force of Nature Cleaner safer bleach alternative
➡️ Bleach
➡️ Heavy Duty paper towels like Bounty

Easy DIY Disinfectant wipes

We’re making DIY disinfecting wipes that are super easy to make. Though these wipes aren’t the same as Clorox Wipes, they make cleaning faster and easier. It will also help you keep your home surfaces virus free.

what you'll need to make DIY disinfectant wipes

Step 1: Take a paper towel and cut it in half

I recommend that you use a high-quality paper towel. Otherwise, the thin ones are going to fall apart. You can also use heavy-duty shop towels. And then, you cut the roll in half or even in thirds with a serrated kitchen knife.

Step 2: Mix 2 cups of water and 1 tbsp of bleach

It is essential to use gloves to protect yourself from bleach spillage. And, if you don’t have gloves, be careful not to spill bleach on your skin or clothing. And, never mix bleach with other cleaners because it will create harmful gas to our health.

Step 3: Pour the solution over the paper towel.

Make sure the paper towel is well-saturated. And remove the center part of the roll.

Step 4: Transfer the paper towel to a resealable container

pulling the DIY disinfectant wipes from a container

Squish the paper towel on a container serving as your wipes dispenser.

Step 5: Pull the middle paper towel roll out and throw it away

You can start pulling the wipes from the middle.

You can use this DIY disinfectant wipes on high-touch areas daily

➡️Door knobs
➡️Light switches
➡️Counter tops

Important: don’t use bleach on your phone or tablets.

After you get a surface visibly wet, leave it on for five minutes so it thoroughly disinfects. The solution works great on non-porous surfaces. And make sure to use it within 20 hours after preparation.

Other Options

Force of Nature

Force of Nature is as effective as bleach, but it’s non-toxic. And it’s on the list of EPA-registered household disinfectants.

70% Rubbing Alcohol

Put a spray bottle top on the rubbing alcohol and spray your disinfectant right on any surface or onto your cloth first. Then wipe and no need to rinse unless using on kitchen surfaces.

Have you tried this DIY method? Try it out, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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