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EXTREME PANTRY Organizing and Cleaning MAKEOVER

Do you need a pantry makeover? Can’t find what you need, so you buy things you already have? Have you ever had guests in your house and avoided letting anyone see inside your pantry? We know exactly what you feel.

Diana’s pantry was a disorganized mess too. Watch our video and see how you can do an extreme pantry makeover, clean-out, and organization. And it’s going to be killer. We have a big family by most people’s standards and a large pantry too. So we have a lot of food and it can get out of hand fast! But there’s nothing like an organized pantry to look nice. Now you’ll quickly look and see what you have so you don’t buy what you don’t need (just because you can’t find it).

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Here are some useful products for your makeover project:

Pantry Makeover Guide

Let’s tackle that sore spot in the house. Here’s a step-by-step guide to organizing your pantry:

Step 1: Pull out everything from the pantry

Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner
Dyson cordless handheld vacuum cleaner – it’s been years, and it’s still going strong!! It’s worth it for quick jobs. Comes with so many attachments and is easy to use and clean.

Bring out all items starting from the floor and work your way up. Throw out anything that is expired. Donate items and take them to a local food bank in your area. And get rid of excess boxes. Recycle any boxes you can. Pull everything out. I put items on my kitchen counter…and the floors…there’s a lot in there!

Step 2: Deep clean the shelves and the floor

Sweep, vacuum, and steam clean all the shelves and thoroughly get the area clean. There may be crumbs, animal crackers, cereal, dust, and spills to clean up. A vacuum cleaner is ideal for crumbs and loose debris. Steam cleaners are perfect for stuck-on messes and marks.

You can also use a Magic Eraser to remove black scuff marks and stains.

We LOVE to vacuum mop floors instead of a broom and mop. It vacuums and mops at the same time. Otherwise, this is our favorite spin mop:

O-Cedar mop solves 3 major problems with mopping

You need to clean it all before you can disinfect it.

placing contact paper on shelves
contact paper

Step 3: Disinfect the area

Use a disinfectant like the Force of Nature nontoxic cleaner. It cleans as much as bleach without the awful smell, and it will not ruin your hands. It’s safe for children and pets. Here’s our Force of Nature review if you want to learn more about this unique product. Regular bleach or bleach wipes and disinfecting spray cleaners work too.

Just be sure to read the label to learn how long you need to leave disinfectant on the surface (dwell time) before rinsing. Yes, you should rinse it off, especially in the kitchen.

Step 4: Line contact paper on the shelves

Shelf liners will make your pantry look better and easier to clean.

Step 5: Put food items inside storage containers or bins and back in the pantry.

Take everything out of their boxes and stow them in containers. Choose bins that will fit your storage area. Your shelves will look nicer on the shelves and will be easier to access.

Enroll everyone in the family in keeping the pantry organized and clean.

BONUS TRICK: For bulk items packed in a box, such as canned drinks or milk cartons, open the package up on both ends. Make sure the back end is open and push the product out of the back end.

It gets the job done faster, and you don’t have to unload each individually.

Comment below if this motivated you to clean your pantry! Was it as bad as you thought??!

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